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Dallas-Fort Worth Hardwood Flooring Prices

Thinking about redoing your flooring? Everyone loves the warm look and feel that hardwood flooring lends to a room. Hardwood floors are also easier to keep clean than carpet, and they never go out of style! In a handful of hours, your space can go from bland to sophisticated with a new hardwood floor.


Although this type of flooring can often come with a hefty price tag, it doesn’t have to! Summit Floor Experts installs high quality hardwood flooring in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at the most competitive pricing. We’ve listed some of our most popular hardwood flooring options on this page with our price as well as the competitors’ prices. Not only do we let you know how good of a deal you’re getting on hardwood floor installation in Dallas-Fort Worth, but we also guarantee it: We’ll beat any competitor bid on a company letterhead for first quality, non close-out, identical merchandise and installation by $100.


With Summit, you can shop where the builders shop and save yourself some money on renovating your flooring.

The many benefits of hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but it also has several benefits to offer homeowners that go far beyond its good looks. For one thing, a wood floor is a better flooring option for allergy sufferers! With no carpet fibers and no grout lines to catch allergens, pet hair and dander, pollen and dust, a hardwood floor is easier to keep allergen-free than carpet is -- and that means better indoor air quality. And that can be a benefit for both allergy sufferers and those who just like good clean air in their home!


Easy maintenance is another perk of choosing a hardwood floor for your home. Simply sweep and spot clean your wood flooring as needed. The ease of cleaning up stains and spills is a real plus for pet owners and parents of small children. In that way, a hardwood floor is much easier to deal with than a carpet that can trap kid spills and pet stains in its fibers. It also doesn’t show wear as easily as carpet does.


Hardwood floors can also make a room look more spacious than it really is. Whether you have a smaller house or apartment or a larger home, everyone likes their home to appear more open and airy. A gleaming wood floor can help give a room that appearance of having lots of space while offering both lasting beauty and durability for your high-traffic areas.


And hardwood flooring never goes out of style! It is at the same time a very classic look and as modern as you want it to be. That’s a good thing, because the hardwood flooring we install in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is very easy to care for, easy to keep clean and built to last for many years.


There are many colors of wood flooring available, so there’s always something to match your home’s colors and decor. Not sure which color to choose? We can help you select a shade that matches your decor. You’ll love the way our beautiful hardwood flooring complements your home’s furnishings.


One more benefit of installing hardwood floors: Whether or not you plan to sell your house in the near future, hardwood flooring adds to the value of your home. Just about everyone loves this durable, versatile flooring material! A hardwood floor is always a selling point.


We can also advise you on how to maintain your hardwood floors to help them keep their lasting beauty.

Why do hardwood flooring prices vary so much?

You can get hardwood flooring for as little as about $3 per square foot, but as with everything else, you get what you pay for. In this case, you’re probably getting low quality Chinese imports or possibly discontinued wood flooring.


If the cheaper wood flooring is engineered, the wear layer might be very thin, meaning that the flooring can’t be sanded down and refinished as many times as better quality engineered wood flooring that has a thicker wear layer. That’s another reason why a particular type of hardwood flooring might be much cheaper or more expensive than another type you’re looking at, and the wear layer is certainly something you should pay attention to.

Dallas-Fort Worth hardwood flooring at the best price

It’s no secret that hardwood floors can be expensive, but Summit Floor Experts knows that they don’t have to be. Thanks to our “no showroom” business model, we’re able to keep our flooring and installation prices lower than the other guys -- and with these hardwood flooring specials, you get a double dip of savings you won’t find anywhere else.


Take a look at our hardwood flooring options and you’ll see beautiful wood flooring in a variety of styles, widths and colors. Some of the wood flooring styles we offer include Premium Hand Scraped Hardwood, Hand Scraped 5” Hickory Hardwood Flooring, Hand Scraped 3",5",7" Variable Width Hickory, Wire Brush 6.5" European White Oak, and Bella Cera Lombardy 3",5",7" Variable Width hardwood flooring, and many more.


On this page, you’ll see our prices on some of the most popular flooring options. You’ll also see how our prices compare to those of our competitors. Since we buy our flooring products directly from the factory and handle the installation, we are able to provide the best prices on hardwood flooring that meets all your needs for beauty and durability.


Schedule your obligation-free in-home hardwood flooring consultation today and we’ll bring the showroom to your doorstep! We’ll help you choose which styles of hardwood flooring work best with your home’s colors and decor as well as your budget. Your on-site consultation is also a good time to ask any questions you have about the underlayment, installation and wear layer of the types of flooring you are considering. Our friendly and knowledgeable consultants are here to help you at every step of the way.


We proudly serve Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, offering quality wood flooring and other flooring options at wholesale prices. Give us a call today to schedule your free in-home consultation!

Premium Quality Hand Scraped Hardwood

Starting at $8.19 Installed!

Competitor's Price $10.99 and up

  • 3 colors to choose from

  • Lifetime Structural, 50 Year Residential

  • Includes: Premium Adhesive, Expert Installation & 1 year installation guarantee

Hand Scraped 5" Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Starting at $8.49sq.ft. Installed!

Competitor's Price $11.29 and up

  • 4 colors to choose from

  • Lifetime Structural, 50 Year Residential

  • Includes: Premium Adhesive, Expert Installation & 1 year installation guarantee

Hand Scraped 3",5",7" Variable Width Hickory

Starting at $10.69 sq.ft. Installed!

Competitor's Price $13.99 and up

  • 4 colors to choose from

  • Lifetime Structural, 50 Year Residential

  • Includes: Premium Adhesive, Expert Installation & 1 year installation guarantee

Wire Brush 6.5" European White Oak

SOLD OUT - Call for other wire brushed options

Competitor's Price....

  • 5 colors to choose from

  • Lifetime Structural, 25 Year Residential

  • Includes: Premium Adhesive, Expert Installation & 1 year installation guarantee

Bella Cera Lombardy 3",5",7" Variable Width

Too Low To List!!!!

Competitor's Price $1.79 and up

  • 6 colors to choose from

  • Lifetime Structural, 50 Year Residential

  • Includes: Premium Adhesive, Expert Installation & 1 year installation guarantee

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