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Plano, TX Flooring: Hardwood, Laminate, Carpet & More

Why You Should Get New Flooring Installed

First of all, a new floor installation on its own can make your home look brand new. But you have to have the right team to do the job. With our quality flooring contractors at Summit Floor Experts, you’ll be in love with your new floor. From carpet and hardwood, to laminate and waterproof flooring, we’ve done it all and won’t rest until every detail of your flooring project is finished to the highest standards.

Flooring Options

We have a wide range of flooring options that will suit just about any taste. Hardwood floors last for years and are relatively easy to maintain. But if you’re looking for something more affordable, laminate is the way to go; it’s just about as durable as hardwood and looks the part, but at a fraction of the cost! For those with kids, carpet is perfect since it dampens noise and there are so many colors to choose from to hide pesky stains. With so many great options, it’s almost hard to decide! The key is to go with what looks best with your current home design and fits with your lifestyle. And our experts can advise on the best route to choose!

Installing Your New Floor

The installation process varies a bit depending on whether you’ve decided on hardwood, laminate, or carpet. However, we’ll always start with a consultation to give you an overview of your options - wood types, plank widths, stains, patterns, carpet types, etc. - and evaluate your home to get a layout of the overall design. When it’s time to put in the flooring, we’ll remove everything from the room(s) that might impede our work - furniture, drapery, and so on. Of course, we’ll let you know during the consultation what to expect.

For Hardwood: Expect some noise and heavy foot traffic in your home during installation. We will install the planks, then sand them for smoothness. After that comes the stain you’ve selected which really brings out the richness and color of the wood. Finally, we apply several coats of topcoat, which can be as shiny as you choose. The floor will take 7-10 days to fully cure in most cases, so be sure to keep furniture out of the room until that period is over. You may walk with stockinged feet after 2-3 hours, and pets are allowed in the room after 48 hours.

Carpet: Similar to the hardwood process, we will show you swatches of different carpet types and colors during the consultation and evaluate your home’s design. Then, we will move all furniture and other objects out of the way to prepare for installation.

However, installing carpet will require us to remove and dispose of the old carpet (if you have it). We will then carefully remove the moulding and trim and prepare the subfloor for the new carpet. If you’ve chosen a thick carpet, we may have to remove the doors during installation for ease of access.

Finally, we’ll lay down a carpet pad, trim the pads and carpet to fit your room’s dimensions, and then lay the carpet. The best part about carpet is that you can walk on it immediately! If you have immediate plans at your home or just want quick access, carpet may be the best option for you.

Maintenance For New Flooring

Once new floors are installed, the work isn’t necessarily over. Your floor will require a degree of maintenance to get the most time out of it. Carpets need regular cleaning to maintain its texture and color, and hardwood floors require particular tools to keep them sparkling. Fortunately, our experts have all the skills and experience to give you pointers on how to keep your floors looking like new! We serve Plano, TX and the surrounding areas, offering quality carpet flooring and other floor covering products at the best prices.


Schedule your hassle-free flooring consultation today and we’ll bring the showroom to your living room! As you can see, we provide carpet in a wide range of styles and colors, and always at prices below the competition. Contact Summit today!

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